You can make a difference
and earn up to 50% commission with PUREhaven ESSENTIALS.

Because we know that when you truly believe in something, your energy and excitement shine through.

This is about being part of a community for positive change. A group of amazing women and men who are in the business
of doing good.

A business not about selling, but about sharing, learning, growing, and achieving anything you put your mind to.

If you’ve always wanted to make a difference for people, and at the same time, create the future you envision for yourself and your family, join our growing number of Consultants across the U.S.

1.| Enjoy multiple ways to earn. That’s it.
Including up to 50% commission on Personal Sales.

Earn on Personal Sales. You earn 30% on all personal sales (paid weekly) and up to 50% based on monthly personal sales total.

Earn on Reorder Sales. Our amazing products are consumable, which means your customers will always need more. Customers can easily reorder through your personal website.

Earn by sharing this business. As you help others to share our message, you’ll earn generous leadership overrides as you mentor your team to success.

PUREhaven ESSENTIALS Gatherings per Month Average personal sales Earnings* per Month on personal sales
2 $1,000 $350
4 $2,000 $800
6 $3,000 $1,325
8 $4,000 $2,000

*Based on an average gathering with $500 in sales. Actual earnings will differ depending on your individual efforts, customer base and time spent on the business. Earning in one month include bonuses.

2.| Free training & incentives for a strong start.
Your early growth is our priority.

Our New Consultants are the heart of our business – and grow into our amazing future leaders. We’re committed to helping you start strong by providing effective, free training and tools to lead you to early success.

In addition to your earnings, our Quick Start program rewards you with free products to add to your Business Kit when you reach attainable sales and sponsoring goals in your first 3 months. And after those first few months? Your field leadership and home office teams offer continued training and support locally and nationally like National Conference, weekly training calls, local team meetings and more.

3.| Success = Good people doing good things.
We exceed every best-in-business requirement.

  • Your business gives you the power to make a difference.
  • A made-in-America, consumable product line means superior quality and consistent reorders.
  • Company-funded customer/Host offers and rewards to support your business.
  • Free training, plus technology tools and resources.
  • No inventory or delivery.
  • An affordable business kit with everything you need to get started.
  • 30-50% commission and bonus based on your personal sales.
  • Leadership compensation starting with the very first active Consultant who joins your team.